Yes we CanBridge!

10 April 2019

By 3pm on Wednesday 3rd April, the grey skies were just beginning to brighten as the guests started to arrive for Peterhouse’s first ever national ‘CanBridge Residential’. 45 Year 12 pupils came to the college for a two-night taster of student life at Cambridge.

This year, we widened participation from our link areas to the entire country, targeting children from some of the most disadvantaged post-codes in the UK, listed as Supergroups 7 and 8 in the Output Area Classification (OAC) register. One third of our attendees have been in receipt of Free School Meals and were given support from the college for their travel costs; over 70% were from areas of low participation in Higher Education, and 47% were from ethnic minority backgrounds. All are ambitious and academically able, the brightest young minds in their schools, who received glowing references and top predicted grades from their teachers...

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Amber-Page Moss, Schools Liaison Officer