If you are eligible for and apply to the Student Loans Company (SLC) for a Student Loan, tuition fee loan instalments will be paid directly to the College upon attendance confirmation.  Any maintenance loan instalments due to you will be paid directly into your bank or building society account, normally in October, January and April. Please bring your Payment Schedule and Financial Notification Letters to Cambridge with you and keep them safe. You will need to present these at the Accounts Office to release your loan payments.

Links for further information: 

University of Cambridge Student Fees and Finance

Student Finance England  

Opening a Bank Account

You may need to open a bank account, in which case please complete the Bank Letter Template. The Tutorial Office will produce a letter to be presented at your bank. You should allow up to five working days for a letter to be produced.

First College bill & accommodation

You will have been allocated a room in College; when accepting your room offer, you will have paid £125 Caution Money (a damage deposit which is refunded when you leave, if no charges are due). At some point during the first few weeks, you will receive a bill by email (to your University email address) for Michaelmas Term (MT) rent.  Your first bill will also include the MT Upay top-up for the internal catering payment system (see the Student Handbook for details) and any other specific charges if applicable.

The bill is payable within 30 days. Payment can be made by bank transfer to the Peterhouse bank details included on your invoice, you will need to quote your account reference (CRSid) with your payment. Alternatively payment can be made in the Accounts Office by bank card or by making out a cheque for the amount shown to Peterhouse by the date indicated.  Cheques can be sent to: Student Billing and Fee Supervisor, Accounts Office, Peterhouse, Cambridge CB2 1RD. If you have any queries in regard to payment, please contact the Accounts Office for more details: tel: 01223 339245 or studentbills@pet.cam.ac.uk.

Regarding accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Manager if you have any questions. Room changes are not possible at this stage.

University Card

Students will be provided with a personal University card which will be waiting for you at the Porters' Lodge. Your University card will be your means of payment for meals in college. You will be able to set up a UpayChilli account to add funds to your University card for payment. Please note that the Accounts Office will already top up your card with the termly minimum spend at the start of the year (further information is available in the student handbook). The University Card is also used to gain access to controlled areas in College (e.g. the computer room and the library). Undergraduates are reminded to take care of their cards and report any loss immediately to the Duty Porter. Replacement is not straightforward and lost cards cause inconvenience to users and administration. A charge of £10 is levied for replacing a lost or damaged card. To order a replacement card, please complete the request form on the intranet.

Freshers' Week 

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