The College welcomes inquiries from schools. We would particularly encourage Heads of Sixth Forms, teachers and HE advisors to get in touch to discuss how best to encourage and support their student(s) in applying to Peterhouse, especially if you are from a school with little or no previous interaction with Cambridge and its colleges. We are also happy to advise on individual applications, particularly in less straightforward cases.

How have we responded to the COVID-19 school closures?

As we were unable to visit schools to run our usual workshops in 2020-1, we have put together resources for online sessions, with voice-overs from our School Liaison Officers, which pupils can work through at their own pace. Our careers and HE sessions include:

  • KS3 Introduction to Higher Education 
  • KS4 'Subject Matters and Careers Game': an introduction to Higher Education, advice on choosing A Level subjects, and an exploration of how degrees lead to careers  
  • KS5 Competitive Applications to Oxford and Cambridge 
  • KS5 Graduate Careers and Employability 
  • Peterhouse has also contributed to the University's bank of 'Super-Curricular' resources for Year 12s, which can be found here. (We recommend also completing the 'Reflective Reading' session listed below). 

We also have resources focused on building 'University Readiness' skills, which could be used as a lesson during the school closure period, or as a homework task in future. Themes include:

  • Meta-Cognitive Learning Strategies (any Key Stage)
  • Listening Strategies (KS4)
  • Note-Taking (KS4)
  • Reflective Reading (KS5 - we would recommend that pupils complete this session before attempting any 'Super-Curricular' reading). 

We are happy to share these resources with any UK state school, regardless of Link Area affiliation. Please contact to find out how you can access them. 

We hope to visit our Link Area schools again in the next year. We are also looking forward welcoming Link Area teachers and pupils to our 2023 events! Please see below for more information.  

Itziar Banerjee Martin and Catherine Walker are the College’s Schools Liaison Officers. Via the events and opportunities described in the menus below, we develop relationships with schools and individuals, helping teachers to encourage and aid young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to apply to Peterhouse. If you have any queries about Peterhouse, or would like to take advantage of any of the College’s liaison events, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Admissions Office, Peterhouse, Cambridge, CB2 1RD, United Kingdom.

Tel: 01223 768877

Additional information for teachers, tutors and HE advisors guiding Cambridge applications can be found on the University Undergraduate Admissions website.


There's this massive myth surrounding Cambridge and the application process and I think it's so important for everyone to get first-hand information on what it's like to study here. It's so important that everyone has the same opportunities.


...this is a tried and tested model that works very well. We know that this makes a big difference to aspiration...Since we began to visit regularly our Oxbridge applications have increased markedly and I think that this visit [to Peterhouse] is significant.