Gerald Meade (Head Porter 1995-2022), tending the flowers in ‘Gerald’s Bower’
Gerald Meade (Head Porter 1995-2021),
tending the flowers in ‘Gerald’s Bower’

The Porters’ Lodge is the first point of contact for everyone in the College. The Porters are always available to help, give directions and sort out any problems. It is staffed 24 hours a day. The Porters are responsible for the security of the College, and the safety of its members, guests and visitors, and handling emergencies. On a day-to-day level they have the answers to most practical questions, handle the post and call for taxis.

The Lodge has been in its present locations since 1821 although the building is at least 200 years older than that. Before 1821 the entrance to the college seems to have been on the north side of First Court

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