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Before you arrive

Please complete the pre-arrival questionnaire by 10th September 2021.

  • Policies and documents to read

    The following documents should be read before your arrival:

    • Undergraduate College Handbook
    • College Regulations
    • Fitness to Study Policy
    • Complaints Procedure
    • Disciplinary Procedure
    • Drugs and Alcohol Policy 
    • Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Procedure
    • Safeguarding Policy
    • COVID-19 Regulations
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Data Protection Statement for Students


    Links to documents:

    Handbooks, Regulations and Procedures

    Data Protection Policies


  • Student Loan

    If you are eligible for and apply to the Student Loans Company (SLC) for a Student Loan, tuition fee loan instalments will be paid directly to the College upon attendance confirmation.  Any maintenance loan instalments due to you will be paid directly into your bank or building society account, normally in October, January and April. Please bring your Payment Schedule and Financial Notification Letters to Cambridge with you and keep them safe. You will need to present these at the Accounts Office to release your loan payments.

    Links for further information: 

    University of Cambridge Student Fees and Finance

    Student Finance England  

  • Online Registration & University Computing Accounts

    Each year, all students (including those starting a new course or continuing an existing course or those waiting for their results) must complete the University’s annual student registration exercise. The CamSIS Student Registration window opens Mid August and completing the exercise should only take a few minutes. The registration window closes on 1st October. This process is managed by Student Registry, not the College so please do not contact Peterhouse about this unless you have not heard anything by late September. For further information, please visit the Student Registration website.

    In addition to the CamSIS Student Registration, you will also need to register for your University email and computing accounts before you arrive. Details can be found on our Computer Office page and in the booklet sent by post with your confirmation pack.

  • What to Bring

    You will need to bring some possesions (clothes, bedding*, stationery etc.) and most students also like to make their College room welcoming - please read the Student Handbook for detail on what decoration is acceptable. Please do not bring unnecessary items: you will be here for about 8 weeks each term and will be expected to remove your possessions and to leave no later than the last day of University Term (i.e. 19th December [except in your first year when you must leave on 1st December], 25th March, 25th June). The College does not have space to store students' property.

    * You can bring your own bedding, or you can pre-order linen packs from the College, but you must do this no later than 1 week before your arrival. These will come at a cost of £27.50 and will include a pillow, duvet, fitted sheet, pillow case and duvet case. The linen is in a block colour. College will arrange for these to be in rooms for arrival. Please order a week (at the latest) before the start of the licence via Booker.

    Bicycles: You may find a bicycle useful in Cambridge; many undergraduates have a bicycle here and the College provides space to store bikes. Cycling can be hazardous in Cambridge so please cycle safely, wear a helmet and use lights after dark. If you haven't been on the roads in the UK before, you may want to familiarise youself with the Highway Code, particularly those parts relevant to cyclists.

    Cars: Cars may not be kept in Cambridge without special permission from both the Senior Tutor and the University authorities. Permission is not normally granted to undergraduates in their first year.

    There are many shops in the centre of Cambridge and whilst you may not be able to find essential items on arrival day (hundreds of students will all have forgotten to pack toothpaste!) you can buy a lot of what you need once you're here if you need to travel light. This is certainly true if you think you need a bike. Remember that life-altering head injuries can results from minor falls at low speed - buy and wear a helmet.

  • Academic Gowns

    During your time in Cambridge you will find that you are often required to wear an Academic Gown. The frequency of needing to do this makes it necessary to own your own. 

    Gowns are worn at Matriculation, which is your formal induction into the University, at Graduation, and for formal photographs associated with these events. You will require a gown on any night during Term that you choose to dine at Formal Hall, and at formal College dinners. A gown is also required at some Colleges if you dine as a guest either as an individual or with a Club or Society. Gowns are worn in College Chapel. 

    Academic dress must be worn when attending University ceremonies at the Senate House or University Church and other occasions as directed by the Vice-Chancellor. 

    Wearing of a gown is also mandatory at College and University official proceedings, and during disciplinary procedures. 

    Gowns may be purchased from the Porter's Lodge. Please telephone the Porter's Lodge in advance on 01223 338200 or by email to to place an order. The gown will be ready for collection on your arrival. 

  • Academic reading lists

    Most subjects will not set any pre-reading. If there is something that your Director of Studies or Department wants you to do, it will be sent to you. Each College does things differently - historians at one college may be sent a reading list but those at another may not, so do not worry if someone you know has received one but you have not, or vice versa. You may be added to Moodle before your arrival so that you can access preparatory material. This may be done either with your Cambridge email address (so make sure you follow the steps to register) or with the email address you provided on your application (so make sure this is kept up-to-date and isn't an expired school address).