Spring Whittle Building

The Peterhouse Development Campaign

On 21 September 2014 we celebrated the fact that we had reached the target of £18 million originally set by Neil Plevy in 2004.  All donors to the campaign were invited back to see what had been achieved with the money raised.  Several floors of the William Stone Building were open to view as were the newly refurbished Fen Court, the new accommodation in M Staircase, the Gunn Gallery in the Ward Library, and the restored Hall and Combination Room.  The Whittle Building was not yet complete, but Petreans could walk into the new JCR and look into a student room and the new Fellows’ Guest Room from the two arcades.The College is tremendously grateful to all those who made it possible to achieve such a major programme of building and refurbishment without needing to use the endowment.

The endowment is key to the College’s support of students and the financial support of graduate and undergraduate students is now at the forefront of the Development Campaign.  The College is especially concerned that the effect of increased student fees (which go directly to the University to replace teaching funding the Government has withdrawn) will discourage able students from going on to do graduate degrees.  The College has therefore set up two specific funds – one for the arts and the other for sciences – to ensure that no able student is prevented from undertaking further study for financial reasons.  The sum required to endow a Graduate Studentship in perpetuity is approximately £650,000.  Donations to the the Graduate Studentship Funds will be normally be treated as expendable endowment so that we can support able students even as we are building up the endowment funds.

The main aim of the next phase of the campaign will be student support – and especially the College’s desire to be able to offer full funding to all graduate students. 

 If you wish to discuss any aspect of the Campaign, please contact Saskia Murk Jansen at the Development Office.